Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Caption post

Americans for Prosperity Poverty is the gift that keeps giving.   Every time we get bad economic news in Wisconsin, AFP throws a party

The fact that they are so incompetently run and rejoice when Wisconsinites get bad news gives plenty of blog fodder but the best thing about them is they keep giving me "caption this" photos.  While none will beat this one, here is another,  I could not resist! 

Here is the description from AFP:

 One of AFP's youngest activists gets involved to make phone calls and change the policies that are failing our country.

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Im sure you can come up with a better description.


  1. The poster child for why child labor laws should be not only reinforced but strengthened. Same goes for child abuse laws.

  2. Oh, the joys of youth. Fishing, baseball, telemarketing.

  3. I wonder if this kid watches Fox News, too?

  4. My daddies businesses keep failing. It is Obama's fault. First Obama wrecked his subprime mortgage business, now Odumbo wrecked his bath salt business.

  5. Mitt Romney's debate coach pays close attention to his candidates pace and timing.

  6. Trac Phone, $30...
    Rightwing talking points, a dime a dozen...
    Tricking a kid into participating in his own brainwashing, ...priceless!