Monday, March 11, 2013

Charlie Sykes: Dream Police

This past Friday, Charlie Sykes decided to out McCarthy the McCarthy Institute for Wayward Stalkers, who had disturbingly stalked Karen Tuerk an attractive female University of Wisconsin staff member.

Citing the article, Sykes pondered on his show (starting around the 20 minute mark) on whether Ms. Tuerk should have been arrested.

No, really.  Sykes was actually giving thought to having someone arrested for having a dream.

I knew that these fascists were all for squashing people's dreams, but this is beyond the pale.

But just for Sykes, I will give this suggestion for his new theme music:

It's common knowledge that we now live in a corporate state, but it's becoming increasingly apparent that we are living in a corporate police state, where only corporate state-approved thoughts and dreams are allowed.


  1. Stupid comments but I'll give you the good clip.

  2. Since democrats and liberals lie about everything, I don't believe this woman innocently dreamed about stabbing the governor.

    Without a doubt I'm sure she is lying. The "dream" a total fabrication.

    Circulating in radical, far leftist circles always provokes one-upsmanship. Who can make the most outlandish, hateful statements about the governor that serves as proof of such pure hatred.

    When labels of the world's worst dictators and despots are tired and used up, and childish plays on the governor's name like Scott Wanker are laughed at by everyone, including those meant to be irritated, why not go for the gusto and gain maximum hard left-wing cred by suggesting physical harm via a sharp, hardened and tempered blade?

    Up close, personal, and deadly.

    People make threats all the time. The overwhelming number of them are innocent and/or impotent, and nothing comes of it.

    Supposedly, it's all just fun and games and cred building for the hard-left fringe.

    Until it isn't.

  3. Don't feed the trolls.

  4. That's quite a profound response Gareth.

    After reading posts like yours, I could lie and say I come to Cog Dis for the well reasoned posts by deeply critical thinkers, but like I said, that would be a lie.

    And since I'm not a liberal or a dem, I don't lie.

    BTW, I mistakenly omitted something from my earlier post:

    When despotic labels and name-calling no longer garner sufficient attention in radical far-leftist circles, one can make statements about physical harm like this woman did.

    Or, a second route of lunacy can be taken as Graeme Cracker Zielinski displayed. The advancement from the world's worst dictators to cannibalistic serial killers is sure to raise eyebrows and bolster dem activist street cred.

    Proof there is more than one way to peel a banana and prove to your fellow comrades that you are THE most deranged Walker hater, bar none.

    1. you probably missed the early tea party rallys against obama . the hitler pickets,etc.

    2. They seem to have forgotten those days, Screamingeagle. ;^)

  5. Its funny Debbie, this ladies dream made me remember when our newly elected Governor had a vision of introducing an agent provocatuer to the protests. Then admitting that after seriously considering it, decided against it ONLY because he didnt think that adding violence to a bunch of peaceful protests where people brought their families would be a good choice politically.

    The difference of course is Walker had the means and seriously considered it, and this lady had a dream.

    Apparently you can control your dreams but not everyone has the intelligence and self discipline that you do.

  6. Didn't Debbie do Dallas in another life?

  7. Good post, good for you for calling out the sort of sociopathic behavior that has becoming normalized in our society.

    Now, if you can just see past your blind spot about the Democratic Party, which is fully on board with the corporatist/security state program . . .