Monday, March 11, 2013

Sean Duffy: Upfront or Back Door?

While Sean Duffy was on " Upfront with Mike Gousha " this weekend translating President Obama's words to the masses: "We have to be clear he (Obama)is saying we are never going to balance the budget,” ( Duffy must speak Swahili !!),  the gaffe inclined and barely sophomore but surely sophomoric 7th CD congressman's constituents were wondering less about his garbled rhetoric and more about why they can't get more than 24 hours notice and a robocall about a town hall meeting with Duffy in their county.

Spooner Advocate reporter and regular columnist Frank Zufall has challenged Congressman Duffy to
 " Listen to all " in a column published in the March 7th edition of Washburn County's newspaper of record, The Spooner Advocate.

Let's be clear about one thing: Frank Zufall is not regarded as a card carrying member of the northwoods  mainstream liberal media. He might appear liberal to Advocate editor Bill Thornley, who thinks Michelle Malkin is a centrist, but to the average reader Zufall is considered right leaning. Some of the local democrats think he's far right, but that's only because he dared ask Dave Obey a fair but tough question once or twice when Obey came to town.

I know all of this because I live up here and I know Frank Zufall. I've known him for almost eight years. And he's a fair guy, regardless of his political leanings.

So when he holds up former US Senator Russ Feingold and current state Senator Bob Jauch, both democrats,  as examples of how an elected official should conduct a town hall meeting, you can take it to the bank. Or better yet your local credit union.

So, c'mon Sean! Get UpFront with the people that matter most, your constituents. You can talk to Mike Gousha later.

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