Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dahmer, Dahmer Everywhere!

Thanks to Uppity Wisconsin where we found out that Scott Walker himself used a Jeffrey Dahmer comparison in politics. 

"The key is, we feel that in particular you are hiding behind these issues that are legitimate issues, but do not necessarily make you a legitimate candidate, any more than in the city of Milwaukee, if Jeffrey Dahmer were to stand up and talk about family values, he’s not a legitimate candidate."

For the lazy press who did not use google, we can also be reminded that Republican Senator Bob Kasten, running against an upstart candidate named Russ Feingold,  actually blamed Feingold for Dahmer!  

The 50-year-old Mr. Kasten, who has championed supply-side economics, is on the attack with a bus tour and television advertisements accusing Mr. Feingold of promoting radical plans to tax the middle class and coddle criminals. Many Grains of Salt
In a televised debate last Friday night, Mr. Kasten associated Mr. Feingold's vote in the State Senate against a no-parole bill, which was enacted, with last week's early release of Gerald M. Turner, a local convict who killed a 9-year-old girl 19 years ago. Then, over the weekend, Kasten volunteers called voters to suggest that Mr. Feingold had voted against preventing serial killers like Jeffrey L. Dahmer from receiving parole releases.
 I guess what got Charlie Sykes gander up, was that he felt that republicans had a monopoly on the Dahmer comparisons and did not like Graeme treading in their territory.  


I also have listed below, links to articles who, for context, included either of the above mentions in their story about Graeme.   


  1. It's fortunate that Graeme didn't say something like: "Now that the justice system has failed, it's time to use our Second Amendment remedies." Because that would have been outrageous and no responsible public figure or elected official would ever say anything like...oh wait.

  2. Comparing someone to Dahmer is Wisconsin's version of Godwin's Law: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches."

    As a dues paying member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, I want my party to have a spokesperson who is able to get beyond comparing people to Dahmer or Hitler. If DPW is paying $52,000/yr for that role, then the membership has every right to expect a professional Spokesperson for the party.

  3. he wasnt comparing walker to Dahmer, but thats beside the point.

  4. As a donor who has pissed away more money than I care to think about on candidates who won't even use the word "union", I demand that the party appoint someone as spokesman who is boring, respectable and has the approval of Republican pundits. The ability to take a beating without complaint is essential.

  5. I love that liberals honestly think that Graeme was re-assigned because of this ONE comment. And on top of that, they blame republicans for it and project their misguided anger on them.

    1. I am not sure what blog your referrin gto but what you just wrote is not anywhre in my post.

  6. @anoy 8:34 You were homeschooled, right?