Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Recently WPRI flunky and former purple project blargher(why did she disappear) Sunny Schubert expressed her admiration for Sheldon Adelson (for being a former democrat and all of the "good" he has done- emphasis mine):  

As an example of the evils of Citizens United, she mentioned that “billionaire Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson… can donate tens of millions of dollars” to support conservative/Republican candidates and causes.
In case you know Adelson only as a rich Republican donor, you might be interested to learn that he is the son of poor Jewish immigrants who came to the United States in the 1930s. His Lithuanian-born father was a taxi driver; his British-born mother ran a knitting shop. “Like most Jews around the country, being Democrat was part of our identity, as much a feature of our collective personality as our religion,” he wrote in a moving piece in the Wall Street Journal titled “I didn’t leave the Democrats; the Democrats left me.”
One of the factors that prompted Adelson to become Republican, he writes, is the Democrats’ waning support for Israel. “There is now a visceral anti-Israel movement among rank-and-file Democrats,” he says.
Another factor is Democrats moving away from traditional values like charity and neighborliness, he says, and toward government dependency. Adelson notes that “states that vote Republican are now far more generous to charities than those voting Democratic. In 2008, the seven least-generous states all voted for President Obama.”
While Adelson acknowledges that government does have a role to play in aiding the poor, he quotes political scientist Walter Russell Mead in describing what over-reliance on government has done to the Democratic stronghold of Illinois:
“Illinois politicians, including the present president of the United States, have wrecked one of the country’s potentially most prosperous and dynamic states, condemned millions of poor children to substandard education, failed to maintain vital infrastructure, choked business development and growth through unsustainable tax and regulatory policies—and still failed to appease the demands of the public sector unions and fee-seeking Wall Street crony capitalists who make billions off the state’s distress.”
Adelson goes on, but I won’t, because you can read it for yourself – if you’re remotely interested in what motivates conservatives. (Hint: It’s not racism, sexism or homophobia.)
In case you do not know the real Adelson, he gave $150,000,000 to help get republicans elected in the last election cycle.  No wonder the righties love him, I guess buying elections is a "traditional value". 

However there is something else he has done recently - break the law and then in the interest of "traditional neighboliness", met with members of the republican congress to change the laws he broke:

“[T]here were likely violations of the books and records and internal controls provisions” of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the company said in its annual regulatory report published on Friday. Late last year, Adelson reportedly held meetings with at least one House GOP leader to discuss “possible changes to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” arguing that he had been the target of federal investigations under the Act as retribution for his strong support for Republican candidates.
The Las Vegas Sands Corporation is suspected of improperly and in some cases illegally bribing Chinese government officials to expand its business in China. The company may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with a $700,000 payment to a Chinese associate and worked with organized crime gangs to drive business from mainland China to their Macau casino.

In case you wonder if Adelson's lack of morals and continual breaking of the law would scare away any republicans?  Think again!

 Since the election, Adelson said that plans to double his contributions to Republican candidates and with an estimated net worth of almost $25 billion, he could theoretically spend $500,000 on every single Republican House and Senate nominee for the next 186 years.

Thank God the Democratic Party is NOT aligned with Adelson's morals!  



  1. Adleson apparently won't sissor sarah silverman either


  2. Adelson is such a beacon of morality that he makes sure his casinos in Macau are well stocked with prostitutes to keep the customers happy. Accepting money from a glorified pimp doesn't seem to bother the Republican family values hustlers at all.

  3. Too many people made fun of Sunny Sherbert.