Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IOOKIARDI: The Dahmer Edition

As the gentle reader is fully aware, Graeme Zielinski was demoted from his position as spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin for tweeting about Scott Walker's legal defense team versus that of Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Teapublicans were howling for his head, as were a number of the Democrats as well.

But it is turning out to be a matter of It's Only OK If A Republican Does It.

As Jeff Simpson wrote earlier, former Senator Bob Kasten accused Russ Feingold of being a Dahmer sympathizer.

Before that, I wrote about how Christian Schneider and even Dear Leader Scott Walker did the old Dahmer comparisons.

As it turns out, Schneider had a real attraction to writing about Dahmer.

For those hat might not be aware of some of the wonkiness of the Cheddarsphere, Schneider use to blog under the pen name of Dennis York.

It's Schneider's work under the York pseudonym that really shows Schneider's odd attraction to Dahmer.

He used Dahmer's name in not just one, not just two and not just three, but at least four different posts.

It is the fourth post that shows the demented nature of Schneider's mind:
Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager’s comical attempt to personally prosecute North Woods Shooter Chai Vang has sparked more ideas for character rehabilitation for the AG. It has been announced that Lautenschlager will re-open the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial later this month. Lautenschlager also has plans to exhume the skeleton of Jeffery Dahmer to collect on some old parking tickets.
To refresh the gentle reader's memory, Chai Vang was the Hmong immigrant that killed six deer hunters and attempted to kill two other hunters.

What Schneider finds so comical about the Attorney General taking a mass murderer to trial for his crimes isn't clear, but then again, most of the things that Teapublicans do simply doesn't make sense.

The question that still remains is whether Charlie Sykes, who just can't stop attacking Zielinksi even after he's gone, will hold Schneider to the same high standards, or is he just another hypocritical Megatroll?  My guess is don't expect Sykes to be holding Schneider accountable for anything.  That would require integrity that neither Sykes nor Schneider possess.

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  1. But - Zielinski was the only DPW person I liked anymore...