Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roggensack Lies About Endorsement. Again.

Patience Roggensack has a real problem when it comes to honesty and integrity.

At the end of the year, she got caught playing games with $20,000 in campaign donations from out of state school profiteers.  She tried to manipulate the reporting of such money to keep it concealed from the public.

She's been known for a long time as an willing associate of law breakers and violent thugs.  She's even gone so far as to violate the rule of law herself in an effort to aid one of her scofflaw friends, David Prosser, escape responsibility for his attack on a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court.

Now yet another integrity issue has arisen in her campaign. She falsely listed the name of a judge as one of the people endorsing her, despite the obvious fact that he was in no way about to: RobertoE. Kinney, a reserve judge who spent more than 30 years as an Oneida County Circuit Court judge, said Roggensack asked him to endorse her in November but hge declined. He discovered he had been listed as a backer on her website on Thursday and sent her an email asking for his name to be taken down.

“Near the end of our conversation I told you that I disagreed with your position in virtually every 4-3 decision rendered by our Court, and, for that reason, the best you could hope for from me was that I wouldn't endorse anyone. Surely you must remember that,” Kinney wrote in his email.

“I don't know how this mistake was made, and I certainly hope that it does not call into question the accuracy of the rest of your list,” he added, saying he thought candidates in statewide races usually had endorsers sign statements of support to avoid mistakes.
And this is not the first time that she has done this.

Roggensack has shown time and time again that she has no integrity, no sense of ethics or appropriateness.

The right wingers don't care about such things, especially if it means that they or their friends get even bigger pieces of the pie.

But for me, I would expect a judge, regardless of the bench they sit on, to have a modicum of honesty. I would expect an even higher level of integrity from a Supreme Court Justice.

That is why I am planning on voting for Ed Fallone on April 2, and I would ask that you, gentle voter, do the same.

It will be a long, long haul to bring our state out of the shambles the current regime has made of it, but every job starts with the first step. Make that step putting Ed Fallone on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.


  1. Thanks capper.

    I sent $250. Sorry I could not afford to send more.

  2. 50 here, a lot for me.

  3. How is it that rightwingers conveniently ignore the massive, undiluted ethical breaches by a critical mass of their politicians at every level of government? And yes, by "politicians" I mean judges too. Oh yeah then I just remembered the phrase from which your blog's name arises. But can that really account for all of it? I mean Walker's supporters claiming he's "vindicated" with his whole staff facing jail or convicted or whtever stage they're at, and a statement from the prosecutor parsed so obviously to say "yeah he's guilty we just don't have that 100% confidence we can prove it" I just can't believe how willfully blind so many people appear to be. Yikes.

  4. Thank you capper. But..but..but you need to proof your articles before you publish. "despite the obvious fact that he in do way was about to:"