Saturday, March 2, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry: Tartar Style!

Yesterday was Week 21 of the Solidarity Fish Fry and again it was like none of the others.

When I arrived, the parking lot was packed!  I was afraid that it was another instance of being behind enemy lines, like it was a couple of weeks before.

After finally finding an open parking spot, I wound my way through the cars lined up for the drive thru and got inside.  Even though it was a later hour, the place was full with quite a number of people waiting for an open table.

I met up with Randy "Ironstache" Bryce and we were seated at a union table, as normal.  Instead of having one of our usual union servers, Sandra and Victoria, we had the pleasure of having Maryann, who just came back from medical leave, waiting on us.

And as one would expect, she was very nice.  She obviously was a pro by the way she was able to list off all the items on the menu and the buffet and was very prompt and attentive, without being hovering.

However, the most remarkable part of the evening was watching Randy eat.  Well, not so much watching him eat, but rather watching what he ate.  I knew he loved his tartar sauce - he's not known as the Tsar of Tartar for nothing - but didn't realize just how much he loved it.

With a shout of "Lather it up!" Randy scarfed down:
  • Baked fish with both Serbian and tartar sauce.
  • Sirloin tips with tartar sauce
  • Baked chicken smothered in tartar sauce
  • Fries smothered in tartar sauce, and for dessert,
  • Cherry pie a la tartar sauce.
Like I said, it was a remarkable thing to witness.

But the stand out moment was whenever they brought out another big bowl of tartar sauce.  Randy's exuberance was impossible to miss:

So, please, join us next week, for our 22nd time in showing our support for the union workers at Serb Hall.  Just watch out for Randy when he does the Solidarity Fish Fry - Tartar Style.

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