Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tell Walker To Mine His Own Business!

As is his wont, Scott Walker is going to hold two grandstanding events on Monday to sign the mining bill, aka Mine Kampf.

One of the signings is in Rhinelander, tentatively from 1:10 to 2:10 pm.  It will be at the Oldenburg Group Inc., Manufacturing Floor, 3600 Lakeshore Lane.

The other signing is in Milwaukee, tentatively from 4-5 pm, at P & H Mining Equipment, Manufacturing Floor, 4400 W. National Ave, Milwaukee.

Note that I said the times are tentative.  Walker's already changed the Rhinelander time once.  Given that there is a winter weather advisory for a great part of Wisconsin, not to mention that Walker really tries to avoid his constituents whenever possible, I would not put it past him to change the times again, notifying only the friendly corporate media.

On the bright side, neither of these places are under the jurisdiction of the fascist David Erwin, so you do NOT need a permit to exercise your First Amendment right of free speech.

Let him know that it's in no way over.

And tell him that Cog Dis sent ya.  I'm sure he'll love that.

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  1. He could come to the Ashland airport, no snow predicted here. Local folks would be out to greet him!