Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Disappearing Dems!

I wrote a post last week criticizing the Wisconsin Democratic Party for how poorly they handled the Graeme Zielinski situation.   Another post was written last night criticizing their support of labor.   With so many people taking shots at the party leadership, and with Graeme being gone for more than a week now, I thought I would check and see what their plan was with the Graeme demotion. Keep in mind Graeme was fired for keeping the democratic party and the issues of the day IN the news.

Taking a tour of the internet we see on, not mention or story of the democrats. has a story on Tom Barrett but other than that nothing.  Remember that Mike Tate took Graeme's twitter account away from him, so what else did he have lined up to replace him on the free ever popular twitter?   7 whole tweets all week, most about Scott Walkers failed jobs promise and international women's day.   Not a single mention of the mining bill and the fact that our Assembly democrats fought so hard against!  Their facebook page and any mention of the mine?  Nope!

Apparently the party is doing so well, they do not need to reach thousands of people with free social media. I am not sure if anyone told them, but disappearing from the headlines is not a good thing and its hard to win an election as an anonymous candidate.

It appears that Mike Tate made a pitching change when he relieved Graeme, but forgot to replace him with someone to finish the game.   Unless the mine bill(which was opposed by a vast majority of Wisconsinites) was not on the party's agenda or mind this week.

The republican party has proven they are for the out of state corporate interests and have no interest in what the people of Wisconsin want.  Unfortunately as bad as they are, we do not seem to want to grab the bulls by the horn and show the people what we stand for!   

Time for the democratic party to lead, we just need someone to step up and show the people of Wisconsin, who is on their side.

Right now it is hard to tell!


  1. When you all grow up, you will understand.

  2. Meanwhile @WISGOP, @GovWalker and other State Republican feeds are busily messaging on mine jobs, fundraising for Roggensack, field activity throughout the state - and that's just today. But it's not only the miss on push-messaging, it's also the lost opportunities to dialogue on key stories this week. I suppose Tate would consider reinstating GZ during the Comm Dir search as losing face. But when your State Party is considered the losingest bunch of losers on the planet without exception, it matters nil. They do that and they send the Right batsh-- crazy and expose more lunacy, they correct this amateurish information void, and they create the possibility of getting more media attention directed to Fallone. Food for thought anyway.

  3. tate has got to go. he is like "dead man walking".the wdp is on life support.when teamobama left it exposed a glaring void .

  4. I don't disagree but if the GZ debacle taught us anything it's that you don't pull the trigger without a plan/person in place. Else you go from bad to worse.

  5. For whatever reason the Wisconsin Dems seems to be walking around in blinders on. They are not helping candidates when they need financial help. They should be in the news daily about all the things going wrong in the state. How are we going to get back people in the red districts if there is no one running?