Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walkergate: Hypocrisy Most Foul

Jud Lounsbury found this video which is just unbelievable. It is a video of Scott Walker meeting with his Milwaukee County cabinet on November 3, 2010, the day after he was elected governor. The significant part comes in the first minute of the video:

After gloating about his victory, Walker launches into a most vile, hypocritical speech about how he makes it a point to keep politics and county business separate.

However, at the beginning of the video, the gentle reader might have noticed the person taking a seat to his right is none other than Kelly Rindfleisch, who would eventually plead guilty to campaigning on county time.

It should be also noted that this was just three months after Tim Russell's county office was raided by sheriff's deputies and investigators from the DA's office.

And it was just two days after the county executive's suite was raided and the remaining computers and files were confiscated by the DA's office.

It is just stunning how shameless Walker is, that he would make these "unprompted" claims about keeping politics and policy separate when he knows damn well that his office, including himself, is under investigation for illegal campaigning.


  1. suite.. not sweet. The county exec had a suite of offices. There was nothing sweet about him.

  2. You know, if Mike Tate and the DPW were the least bit competent, you'd think they could do an ad with Rindlfeisch labeled and some graphics explaining just how much of a bald-faced LIAR AND CROOK this guy is. Just because there are no formal charges in John Doe doesn't mean the facts we know in the case should become off-limits, because they scream volumes.

    And the fact that they can't lay out something this obvious is exactly why I'm not giving them anything until they get their heads on straight. Great work

    1. Co-sign.

      Y'know, a good hammer-it-home ad on Walker hypocrisy re: recalls would have screamed volumes too -- quoting his past recall-enthusiasm and all.

      But somehow it didn't happen, and it doesn't happen...

    2. Has anyone even seen an organized campaign urging public pressure against the mining legislation or anything else since this legislative term? How about any DPW pressure last summer when there was a Dem (I'll now feel free to use the derogatory form of Democratic) state Senate majority? The local county Dems are finally meeting to discuss their 2013-14 strategy, right freaking on time. /s

  3. Maybe the DA. is just moving out of the way....So The Feds can take Their shot at the snake. We can still hope!!!

  4. "Maybe the DA. is just moving out of the way....So The Feds can take Their shot at the snake."

    Could happen given the corruption in the Holder admin.

  5. This whole deal stinks, as in it has a foul smell to it. They had to bring this all out on a Friday--the classic political move when the political people in question just want people to forget about all of this (it's the weekend, after all, time to focus on sports and all the other great diversions from real life)--that's surely a cue. And Capper is exactly right in saying that Scott (let's call him 'Scott-free' from now on)is completely against releasing any of ALL THESE DOCUMENTS that could cause the public to think twice about his political viability.
    Secret e-mail sytems? WHY, people: at the County Executive's office, and it's been mentioned that the very same scheme has been implemented in Madison?
    All Scott has to say is it's over with, let's "move forward" with my political career!
    DO NOT forget this whitewash, folks...
    We all deserve better.

  6. What, all you people need crying towels? Grow up
    and deal with the real world, not your life as you would have it, Socialist, supported by your government.