Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Your Facts Are False"

By Jeff Simpson

We know that Senator Ron Johnson has one of the highest turn overs in his staff in all of Washington DC.   Unfortunately for Ron Johnson(and the people of WI), the one person he has not purged is the person that keeps booking him to speak to a national audience.

Speaking of "not ready for primetime", Ron Johnson embodies that.   He recently embarrassed himself trying to speak to the public education system, and now he joined Ph'd in economics Paul Krugman and tried to explain the Social Security sytem to him. 

Epic Fail. 

KRUGMAN: You said ‘let’s start with the facts,’ but we’ve just run aground right there.
JOHNSON: Exactly my point, we have got to agree on the facts and figures.
KRUGMAN: But your facts are false…Social Security has a dedicated revenue base, it has a trust fund based on that dedicated revenue base. You can’t change the rules mid stream and say ‘oh, suddenly the trust fund doesn’t count.’ [...] It’s important to realize that the facts that are being brought out here are in fact non-facts.

Ron Johnson is VERY lucky that his customers at Pacur were family, can you imagine this guy trying to sell his services to a normal person who did not have to buy from him?   

His term can not end soon enough!  


  1. Has anyone ever accused Ron Johnson of getting facts right?

    Just curious.

  2. So, did this guy essentially go from a church board to the U.S. Senate?

    Governor Walker is more concerned with being in the next Presidential race, he doesn't care about Wisconsin. We get that.

    But what about Ron Johnson? What's his background, aside from marrying into more money?