Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Shooting in Oak Creek - MY Thoughts!

While Capper has written brilliantly about this terrorist act, I felt that I needed to also address the horrific shooting before I could write about anything else happening!  This was my original thoughts after learning about the shooting in Oak Creek.  

Thoughts and Prayers for the public servant who showed up, stopped the gunman and took bullets so others did not have to! Let's hope he fully recovers so people can go back to complaining about how lazy he is, how much his health care costs and the nerve that he would expect a pension when he retires! Now would also be a good time to discuss reasonable gun control and make Michele Bachmann resign from public office.

I also wondered why there would be so much hate in this country, and realized that you can point a finger right at right wing talk radio.   As this recent study points out: 

This study analyzes how social networks that form around the hosts of commercial talk radio shows can propagate messages targeting vulnerable groups. Working with recorded broadcasts from five shows gathered over a six-week period, involving 102 scheduled guests and covering 88 topics, researchers determined hosts’ and guests’ ideological alignment on the topics discussed most frequently—including immigration and terrorism—through a content analysis of on-air statements and website content. The findings reveal that the hosts promoted an insular discourse that focused on, for example, anti-immigration, anti-Islam*, and pro-Tea Party positions and that this discourse found repetition and amplification through social media.
Then of course there is immensely crazy Michelle Bachmann, perpetual crowing about the "muslim brotherhood" taking over the US.  Bachmann's hate rhetoric has put Hillary Clinton's top aide in enough danger that she has needed extra security.    While some republicans have stepped up and condemned her(Mitt Romney wont touch it), let's not forget about the republicans recent Muslim Mccarthy Hearings! Also please stop yourself before you try and disavow Bachmann from the mainstream of the republican party, she (along with Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.), are in the top 5 House Fundraisers.  Seems the crazier you get the more money you make on the right!  

Until these issues are addressed, we will continue to have these problems.   

By the way I also wanted to share a Facebook post from the NY Times Nicholas Kristoff shared this:

I am in pretty good company!

* Yes I understand Sikh's are not Muslim but that distinction does not appear to matter to the hard core right!  


  1. A number of incidents have happened recently that seem to be expressing statements of hatred toward others. The theater massacre in Colorado, the drummed up issue about Chick-fil-A, the attack in Madison on Heisman Trophy candidate Montee Ball, and now the Sikh Temple shooting.
    November 6th is now three months away, and Democrats have Barack Obama as their candidate. He has been accused of being a Socialist, a Muslim, and someone not born in the United States. He certainly did not want these attacks ever happening.
    His views certainly do not match up with the attackers in these events.
    Yes, the views of these attackers coincide with the right wing agenda, Republican and Tea Partier alike.

  2. The 5 men who attacked Montee Ball are black. Since Obama got 90% of the black vote, it's highly unlikely that their views "coincide with the right wing agenda, Republican and Tea Party".

    1. Ball is still alive. Also, have you denounced bigotry, racism, and intolerance? Obviously not. You've only proved the point I made.

    2. Capper, my response is to "Anonymous", who stated, "the views of these attackers coincide with the right wing agenda, Republican and Tea Partier alike.".

  3. I'm amazed by the amount of right-wingers that monitor Capper's blog and other left blogs. Why?
    Is this some idea that we're just hypocrites?
    What burns Carl is that blacks voted 90% for Obama, who had one black parent and another white. Who knows, just MAYBE blacks liked his views on things, a refreshing change to the previous eight years: Bush and Cheney were such lovable fellows!
    Republicans also hate the idea that they're called out on racism.
    I didn't know who attacked Montee Ball (my TV didn't offer that information) and I didn't say it was whites who attcked him; but attacks are based on disagreements and hatred.
    Why is all this being drummed up now?

    1. Oh, they've been doing that for years. They get quite upset when I inform people of what they don't want them to know, e.g. Walkergate.

    2. Maybe not everyone on the right is as close minded as the anonymous contributor.
      It would be a shame if Walker was ever indicted, and a serious thorn for you if he isnt. But when John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, or Rod Blagojevich were exposed did it make you question you liberal ideals?

    3. Why would it be a shame if scott walker was indicted??? wouldnt the shame be that he acted so unethically as to get indicted???

    4. IMBR hit the nail on the head, especially with Blago in the mix.

      It's too bad IMBR is so upper class he wouldn't dare support anything other than wealthy people.

      Talk about a guy trying to change the subject, too.

  4. Isn't monitoring the enemy part of a super patriot's duty, though?

    I remember passing through that area of Oak Creek years back and I definitely remember seeing what was very possibly the same people at a local gas station I would stop at.