Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part CXXXV

In May, Scott Walker returned to the scene of the crime to mock his victims. He revealed a supersecret plan that he had in place that was going to revitalize Milwaukee, even though he's the one that trashed it and he's the one that was disrespecting Milwaukee during his recall campaign.

At the time, I called it a blatant political stunt and he was not about to help Milwaukee, even though the state is dependent on our success.

As you probably guess, not only did Walker not make things better, he actually made them worse:
After three years of consistent growth the Milwaukee region's manufacturing sector shifted into reverse in July, according to the Milwaukee ISM report by Marquette University.

The region's ISM-Milwaukee seasonally adjusted purchasing manager's index (PMI) was 46.7, according to the report. When the index is above 50 that indicates that the manufacturing sector is growing. When it is below 50 the sector is declining.

Until now, the region's ISM PMI has consistently been above 50 since July of 2009.
In June the index was at 60.2, but the region's manufacturing sector took a big dip in July.
Then again, we've known for a year that Scott Walker's plan was worse than doing absolutely nothing at all.

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  1. Yet again, Houdini Walker manages to escape consequences for his deceptions. He's in D.C. playing superhero as we speak.