Sunday, August 5, 2012

With Democrats Like This, Who Needs Republicans?

Last week, I told you about Katrina Shankland, a supposed Democratic candidate for the 71st Assembly District. I told you how Ms. Shankland was receiving tons of cash from the very same PAC which she works for. I pointed out the possible ethical and legal issues surrounding this, not to mention the obvious conflict of interest. I also questioned where her loyalties lie - with Wisconsin or with her benefactors in Washington, D.C.

And as the gentle reader would remember, I have also thrown my full-throated support behind Laura Hauser-Menting, the true grassroots candidate who is beholden to no one but her constituents and her state.

Well, on Saturday, I noted that someone had  posted in the Facebook page for the Portage County Democratic Party that Ms. Shankland was the grassroots candidate and people should vote for her.

Believing that this was still a free country, I left two comments on her post.  The first was a polite but firm rebuttal to her claims, citing the information about the majority of Shankland's campaign contributions came from an out of state PAC. The second comment was an afterthought and was simply a link to last week's post.

When I returned a few hours later, to my shock and bafflement, I found that I had been booted out of the group, despite being a member for a year. As I tried to puzzle this out, I noted who the administrators for the group was:

Please note the first person listed - Katrina Shankland.* The interesting thing about this is that Shankland was added to the group only six months ago and they promoted her to admin right away. Now you don't suppose that the Dem Party in Portage County are trying to interfere with the election to have this carpetbagger put in office, do you?

I messaged Ms. Shankland asking her why she booted me off. I didn't really expect an answer since she hadn't answered any of my questions to her regarding the funding. But lo and behold, she decided to respond this time. Her reply was this:
I am not aware that that happened. I would contact Gary Hawley, the chair of the Portage County Democratic Party.
I replied that Mr. Hawley was not an administrator of that page and as far as I could tell, wasn't even a member. She again denied having anything to do with it.

So I reapplied to the group and was accepted.

In fact, Sunday morning, I posted my piece on the cover up in corrections there.

Tonight, I am off the page again. Not only that, but Shankland and her cronies tried to cover up her misdeed by removing her as an administrator. They also removed the person who had added me back in.

Apparently, Ms. Shankland and her supporters not only have a complete disregard for clean government or electoral integrity, they are also not fans of the First Amendment and Free Speech. That's sounds an awful lot like the current Republican regime of Fitzwalkerstan.

Laura Hauser-Menting
And that is exactly why I am emphasizing my support for Laura Hauser-Menting. Laura is also being seriously out-gunned in the financial department, due to Shankland's special interest funding, so if you can, help Laura get her voice - our voice - heard by the voters. You can donate to Laura through her Act Blue page.

By all reports, Shankland has made poor showings in the forums she's been in and has shown herself not worthy of the seat.  I just might have to endorse the Republican. We'd get the same results, but at least the Republican would be honest about who they are.

*For those who might try to argue that the screencap showing Shankland as an administrator for the Portage County Democrat Party's Facebook page could be from any page, here is the screencap of the full page showing the same thing:

I chose to post the smaller capture because it is easier to read.


  1. It's facebook, if a page administrator doesn't want you in a group or posting in a group, they have the power to say you can't. They aren't taking away your freedom of speech, so calm down.

    1. After a year of no issue, to suddenly be ousted, yes, it is suppression of speech. It's also an effort to keep voters from knowing what's going on.

      Don't tell me you're OK with that.

  2. Anonymous, they have the power yes. They can push the button making you disappear. I do think there is an ethical question whether they should do that; and - back to the top - whether a candidate should own the PAC and still call herself anything but astroturf.

  3. I know Katrina personally. I am not voting for her, as I now live outside of the district, and likely wouldn't if I still did. The out of state money is a shame, but this article is amateur at best. "Derp Derp wolf in sheep's clothing she's a repub in disguise" is all it says, while failing to mention any of Katrina's stances on relevant issues. Where those stances mentioned here, it would be glaringly obvious how very party line this democratic candidate is. This is simply a take down piece, and not a very well written one at that. Besides, anybody with half a clue knows that Beveridge is the most qualified, least funded, and truly "grass roots".

    1. As they say, talk is cheap. Her actions, taking out of state money from the very PAC she works for, shows that she does not have the best interest of the district in mind and her values are brought into serious question.

      As for your critique, methinks it's more a matter of you not liking what I have to say rather than how it is said. In other words, meh.

  4. I sort of think Facebook pages shouldn't be given much attention. Yeah they might have a (small) effect but it is less important than myriad other factors.

    Facebook is so clunky to administer, get along with, or love! IMHO.


  5. While facebook groups are just that, hardly telling of the election. If they cant handle minor criticims from capper what will they do in the general election, besides get buried by the republicans!

  6. All this about FB admins, misses the point that Dem's don't treat ppl like that when they disagree. We argue the issues. We don't suppress dissent. The local Dem party leaders are no better than repugs when they act this way. The author is right to call them out!