Monday, March 11, 2013

Karma is a Bitch!

By Jeff Simpson

By now we all know what happened with Graeme Zielinski, he posted a couple tweets where he as trying to point out that Scott Walker spent so much money on his legal defense firm,  that it dwarfed the money spent by our most famous criminal Jeffrey Dahmer.   It was a poor comparison, the righties went crazy and Graeme was demoted!  

One of the loudest voices criticizing Graeme was Green Bay right wing radio sqwuaker Jerry Bader.   If you have not heard of Bader, dont feel bad most people have not.   He has never been able to break into "the main club" which consists of the right wing hate triumverate of Sykes/Belling/Pyzinski.   As a matter of fact the only time you probably might have heard of him is when he "factually" made up a story about former Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton's sexuality.   That did not work out so well for him.

So someone who has a history of saying stupid things, jumped all over Graeme's tweet and couldnt stop dancing on his "communications director grave"

This story raises an interesting point: libs are hacked off that Graeme is still drawing a paycheck. That part is really hard to figure, although I have my suspicions. I suspect a legal liability issue is keeping the DPW from terminating him, but I wouldn't go beyond that here.

I also disagree that the difference this time was the Journal Sentinel ran a story. Everybody knew about Graeme Zielinski. The difference is he offended a constituency libs are supposed to care about; the families of crime victims. Libs don't care about Scott Walker and they don't care what Zielinski said about him.

Well the little brother of hate talk radio is at it again,   This time he took time out of confessing his love for Pat Roggensack to let us know what racist and sexist thoughts were in his head!   Double Whammy!  

 "How is chess like real life?  It's better to be white and there's only one woman in the room and she get's to do whatever she wants. (belly laughs)."
Apparently republicans do not care that he offended anyone who is NOT a white male because the righties dont care about that constituency,

In jerry's defense, he is the victim here, pesonal responsibility is for the little people.

UPDATE: In an interview, he said he was being targeted for criticism because he is a conservative.
"It can't be recognized that I understand white privilege," Bader said. He added that it wouldn't be a story if liberals Bill Maher or Ed Schultz told the same joke because the media would immediately understand what they were saying.
On Monday morning, Bader spent a half-hour on his show saying he was being unfairly accused of being racist simply for mangling the joke.

Besides he isnt racist, he has a black friend( or at least he possibly once voted for a black man).

He pointed out such things as the fact that his wife is an Asian-Pacific Islander and that he once voted for Democratic presidential candidate Jesse Jackson. He also said he exposed a Green Bay alderman who made racist remarks on the show in 2005 while using a fake name.
This isn't the first time the conservative news commentator has made headlines. In 2009, he retracted his claim that then-Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton had decided not to run for governor because of an extramarital affair. He issued an apology and served a two-week suspension.
Of course if you believe that one, I have a clean environmentally safe mine loaded with jobs ready to go in Northern WI!


  1. what is your point?

  2. Mr. Bader taught my Radio Broadcasting course at UWGB in spring 2008. I hope they've come to their senses and gotten rid of him.