Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scott Walker's Ignorance

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker (or one of his less educated staff members) tweeted this yesterday:  H/T -FDLFVR:

I will just say that a general "school house rock" understanding of the America that we know, would show why this statement is utterly ridiculous done by someone random person but borderline a resignable offense by a career politician who wants to be President.  

On July 4th 1776, our Founding Fathers declared Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain which was ruled by a King George III

We then through some time of negotiating and growing our country, ratified and adopted our US Constitution on September17, 1787 of which we created our Constitutionally Limited Democratic Republic of which we now live under.  

So either Scott Walker thinks either - A. that we declared independence from a democracy or B. that we still live under King rule or C. That he really just does not think.   Yet still tweets something this dumb.  

Scott Walker makes some Miss America Contestants seem like policy wonks!

Yet this guy wants to be President?  

Maybe we should have a law that ALL politicians need to pass a test to work in our Government



  1. It's amusing to watch our little sociopath Scotty, tweeting like he's Sarah Palin with a bald-spot. His Presidential ambitions are going nowhere fast, but a faux run at the office will allow him to rake in money from the Oligarchs. It's all about the money.

  2. Hey Jeff, what Twitter account is this actually from? That doesn't even look like one of Walker's two verified accounts.

  3. Scott Walker makes my pet rock look like a policy wonk.

  4. Complaining about "dependence" on government while he signs a law compelling the state to rape pregnant women with an ultra sound probe.

    1. If forced ultrasounds and overly restrictive safety standards (but only for activities that Republicans don't like) represent the sort of independence that Scott Walker thinks we celebrate "in America" on the Fourth of July then I may have to switch over to celebrating April 15th, Civic Duty Day, the day we reflect on everything we get done by working together and paying our fair share. Who's up for an adding machine parade, precision spreadsheets and a shower of receipts? ;-)

  5. The reason Republicans are so awful at governing is because they don't believe in government. They have learned how to dismantle government, but never learned how to practice good government. Notice how all legislation during the Walker Administration is paying off donors or asserting ideological social engineering. Act 10 was really social engineering through a loud government statement that workers better do what they are told and to expect less – or else.

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen: I agree with how you all feel about Governor Walker. However, please keep in mind that he is in charge and his party runs Wisconsin, as too many other Republicans run too many other states. We can call them stupid or out of touch, but none of it matters until we put them OUT OF OFFICE. Do not underestimate these people because they aren't as intelligent as we'd like to see. They are sneaky, shameless and willing to do anything to stay in office. We will not win the races we need to win unless we learn to play their game as hard as they do.

  7. Why do so many working class people in Wisconsin vote for Republicans and support Walker? Is it because they are obsessed with getting revenge against petty and imaginary enemies - "overpaid" public workers, blacks in Milwaukee, liberals in Madison, etc.? There is no independent media in the state that is powerful enough to reach them and explain what the GOP is going to the state.

  8. The way we vote Walker and other republicans out of office is doing what dems do best: coalition building. There are more dem voters than republican voters.

    We just need to motivate them to vote. What is Walker doing to you and what will our candidate do to make your life better:

    College students
    Union members
    Public sector workers
    LGBT people
    Racial/ethnic minorities
    The poor, working, and middle classes

    If we can appeal to all of those groups AND show that Walker is trashing all those groups, we win.

    It's how Obama won twice and we didn't do it is how Walker won twice. I am especially concerned with motivating racial/ethnic minorities who I think WISDems are not doing a good job on.

  9. It may have been removed, because the tweet does not show up. What did it say?

  10. Just FYI - I'm pretty sure they're referring to April 15 because it's tax day in the USA. Like, when your income taxes are due. Their tweet still makes no sense, but in this context you can sort of see what they're going for. Paying taxes somehow makes us dependent on gov't - apparently.