Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Victory In Michigan

The people's fight for freedom and against the corporate takeover has not been just in Fitzwalkerstan, but has been happening all over the country.

One of the biggest and most under-reported battles is taking place in our neighbor across the lake, Michigan.

Michigan's corporate-controlled governor, Rick Snyder, has rammed through many oppressive laws, with the most egregious among them is to impose fiscal martial on certain communities that don't past their fiscal fitness tests. Under this law, Snyder would be able to appoint agents of the state to utterly take over a community, stripping elected leaders of their powers and imposing their rules upon the people, including the unilateral, arbitrary demolish of bargaining rights for the local unions. Snyder's official name for these agents is Emergency Financial Manager, but the people refer to them simply, and more appropriately, as "local dictators." It is unsurprising that Snyder is imposing his fiscal feudal lords on predominately black neighborhoods, like Benton Harbor.

As in Ohio, Maine, and here in old Fitzwalkerstan, the people of Michigan stood up and protested and fought back.

They started the motions to do a petition drive to repeal this hateful and oppressive law. They wanted to get enough signatures to have this law put to a referendum vote. However, the corporate-backed front groups challenged the people's petitions, claiming that the petitions themselves were illegal because they were - get ready for this - using the wrong font size!

This fight actually made it up all the way to the Michigan State Supreme Court.

And it was there that justice and common sense prevailed. The people of Michigan will get to vote whether this oppressive law falls or stands. With the supreme court's decision to uphold the people's rights, the dictatorial law is suspended. But even this has led to disagreement:
To implement the court’s ruling, the State Board of Canvassers must certify the ballot question. That’s likely to happen next week, and once it does, Public Act 4 will be suspended pending the repeal’s outcome in the November election.

Gov. Rick Snyder and his appointees say all actions taken under the law since it took effect early in 2011 will stand, and current emergency managers will revert to the powers they had under the former emergency manager law, passed in 1990. The big difference: the old law does not permit managers to unilaterally amend or scrap collective bargaining agreements.

Others disagreed. Members of the board of Detroit Public Schools were talking publicly Friday about dumping emergency manager Roy Roberts and killing a plan to transfer certain schools to a special statewide Education Achievement Authority for low-achieving schools set up under the act’s powers.

School board president LaMar Lemmons II said the suspension of Public Act 4 will mean there is no emergency manager law – therefore no emergency mangers or emergency financial managers – until voters decide in November.

Once the ballot question is certified, the school board should be in charge and that means Roberts should step down, he said.

Roberts fought back through his chief of staff, Kevin Smith, sending a message to employees.

“Mr. Roberts has directed that all staff continue with your duties without interruption in conduct of the affairs of this district unless and until directed by him otherwise,” a portion of the letter read in bold, capital letters. “The board of education has no authority to direct DPS personnel to take any actions to the contrary.”

Treasurer Andy Dillon said he doesn’t believe the board has the power cited by Lemmons and he expects the new education authority to be the subject of another court battle.
Currently, polls show that support for this oppressive law is up by as much at 10 points, but with 25% still undecided. The Unions and other pro-citizen groups are fighting to get people educated before the November vote.

I just hope that Michigan isn't being quietly having their voting machines replaced by the easily tampered ones we have in Fitzwalkerstan.


  1. Union greed ruined that state not corporations.

    "A democracy is always

    temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent

    form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until

    the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous

    gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority

    always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from

    the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally

    collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a


    Democrats ran Michigan forever, as well as Illinois. Are we seeing a pattern here?

    1. I for the life of me can not figure out how this law is ok with anyone who claims to be a conservative or a tea party member.

      I love the perpetual comparisons to IL, like it has any credibility. Did IL follow the democratic playbook? How about WI what about here that makes us stand out under walker, except for the perpetual job losses each month? maybe if WI is doing ok for you we can point to NC or AL as republican strongholds we seem to be emulating

    2. It may not be the best solution to the problem, but it fits with the prediction of a dictatorship following loose fiscal policy. We will see how it plays out in comparison to cities going bankrupt like in CA. How else do you correct a city that cant seem to help itself?
      Fiscally, yes WI is in much better shape than IL. And if you mean raise taxes and protect union benefits then yes, IL followed the Democrats playbook. Has it solved their crisis yet? Or is there no crisis?

    3. Its not even remotely a solution. If the tea party and the republican party (i know they are the same but for arguments purposes lets pretend they arent) pretends to want "smaller government" and then you advocate a mediocre at best governor to appoint a crony in charge of a city at a sweet salary and all of the ELECTED officials have absolutely no say???

      The party that elected two Bush's, ronald reagan and desperately tried to elect Sarah palin and then you try and lecture anyone on fiscal responsibility??? Please next time just run on a platform of wanting complete control with no questions asked!

    4. When officials are elected based on giving benefits, yes, intervention should be tried. What are the other options?

      Reagan created a wave of growth big enough for Clinton to body surf for 8 years. He had it so easy he had time to philander at will. Only slightly more shocking than 104 rounds of golf.
      Now, saying the Bush's were less than fiscally responsible may be true. But your president is on track to rack up more debt in 4 years compared to their 12. And for what? 8% unemployment?

    5. "When officials are elected based on giving benefits, yes, intervention should be tried" - so now your in favor of the recall???

      reagan More than tripled the national debt and crashed the economy. Which is really quite the feat. There is a reason during the bush recession that the phrase " worst ____ since 1982" was used so often.

      When Bush was in office, we lost 50,000 manufacturers and we were losing 150,000 jobs a month but that didnt stop you from voting for Mccain to keep those policies rolling...

      Also even you know that Obama has NOT racked up anywhere near the debt that the rest have run up, he just put the biggest ticket items( two wars and Medicare part D) in the budget. People like Paul ryan felt that if they didnt include it in the budget we didnt have to pay for it!

    6. IMBAR,

      Reagan only turned the country around when he raised taxes. And as Jeff pointed out, he tripled the debt. IOW, he spent his way out of the recession.

      Yet you praise Reagan and curse Obama who's done things more your way than Reagan. It's amazing you can even stand yourself when you ooze hypocrisy.

  2. Yes a pattern that pops out of the warped minds of Fitzwalkerstan brown shirts. You've all read the book and have the salute down pat.

  3. IMBAR-

    Are you saying you would rather have a tyranny rather than pay your fair share of taxes?

    1. "fair share" who decides that? Because I don't like your presidents theories. When you tax success you punish success. And in turn reward complacency.
      Are you saying you would rather have cities going bankrupt in lieu of state intervention? or are you still waiting to see hoe that works out for union interests in the courts?

    2. That is a false choice and not worthy of my time. It doesn't have to be either of those things. You just won't admit it because it would upset your hateful perception of the world.

    3. "the writing is on the wall"

      I have no hate, no need to call you names, or try to be "tough" here.

    4. It's still a false choice. There's a better option than either, but politicians are afraid and unwilling to take it because it would cut them off the gravy train.

    5. I do agree. But why am I assuming the options I am thinking of are different than yours? Defined contribution retirement plans would have saved these cities in CA. As for Detroit and Benton Harbor, when a city is planned and managed so badly that anybody able to pay taxes has already left, what option do you have?
      And your solution?

    6. The pension issue is a direct result of the corruption of Wall Street. The health care costs are the direct result of the greed of Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Medicine. Why not actually go after the bad guys instead of the innocent people that had nothing to do with it, except that they are less powerful and less wealthy, so they can't donate as much money to the politicians. Why do you think Republicans are so dead set against the Affordable Care Act? It's not because it costs more, since it would lower the burdens on you and me. It's because ACA would cut the profits of the Biggies who buys them there seats.

      Go after those responsible for the high costs. But people like you would rather drag everyone down instead.

    7. IMBR, that assumes that the only reason these cities are going bankrupt is the pensions. I guess the reporter took an exhaustive look at the cities expenses for the past 10 years and decided that every dime they have spent, TID district they have and tax break they have given is 100% justified and the ONLYPlace to cut is workers pensions....

      As far as taking over cities, lets start right here!! lets start right here

    8. That's your answer to save these cities? maybe I've been wrong about you all along. You should be a mayor. With a non-answer like that you would be perfect for the job.
      You re-inforce my argument, the beauty of a 401K is that you can opt to invest your savings in only the bond market. Not only protecting yourself from "corruption" on wall street, but also ensuring your money does not go to fund big Pharma, or any other evil corporation you want to blame for liberal mis-management. Because right now there's a pension manager using your retirement funds to invest in these same corporations you truly despise.
      If I get some time here soon I will do the research and find out the 20 year history of which party controlled these cities that are going bankrupt. We already know who controlled Detroit and Benton Harbor.
      As far as the health care act, Thanks to justice Roberts, November is turning out to be a vote almost solely on Obama's health care act. So the voters will decide not the "republicans" (who by the way, if they tripped would surely be because they were republican, in your eyes).

    9. 401Ks are half as efficient has traditional pension plans. You would rather waste money rather than look soft on unions.

      What would be easier research is to see who was in charge nationally and a state level leading up to the fiscal messes. Here's a hint, Reagan and the Bushes weren't Democrats.

      And the funny thing about ACA, is that when the different components were presented individually, people overwhelmingly supported it. When presented as a whole called "Obamacare" they hated it. That means they've been not doing their homework.

    10. I did the research on San Bernardino, imagine my surprise to find over twenty years of democrat mayors. Seems they sold out the taxpayers quicker than the McDonald brothers sold there dreams to Ray Croc, which also happened in San Bernardino. To bad the city didn't buy the restaurant chain instead of Ray Croc, with their management record we would have one less evil corporation to "hate"

    11. Why are 401k's half as efficient? They use the same vehicles to invest the money. The only difference is that the taxpayers aren't on the hook if the fund manager takes to much risk and loses. Thats why I suggest the slow growth safe route for you.

      Funny you don't seem to want to give Walker a pass because he doesn't control government on a national level. it almost seems like a double standard. But I know your above that.

      Or, they "passed the bill to find out whats in it" -Nancy Pelosi
      And when they found out, the voters decided they dont like it.

    12. You can read it it for yourself, even though I've posted this information several times. Do you have memory issues or just a hard time accepting reality?

      I say Reagan/Bush, you say Walker? Divert much?

      And again, the polls came after that tired old soundbite.

    13. But since it's based on Romney's plan, but isn't as expensive, I guess you have to vote for Obama, right, racist?

    14. IMBR you are aware right that the democratic party is NOT the cookie cutter party. Just because they have a "democratic" mayor does not meant they were enacting democratic philosophies.
      For example, do you think that Paul Soglin and Rahm Emmanuel are the same???

    15. Is this the same Jeff Simpson that recently wrote that we can assume all republicans are tea party activists?

      That soundbite will make the history books I hope. Along with "you didnt build that business"

      It is interesting watching Romney trying to distance himself from his state healthcare plan. And maybe that's a better way to influence healthcare, at the state level so we can debug it before we adopt a different system nationally. I didn't vote for him, but he is the lesser of two evils.

    16. While not exactly what I said nor is it what President Obama said, but it is afair analogy.

      Like the way the republican party has been taken over by the fringe extreme, tha national democratic party has been taken over by corporatists who are far from liberal. Very few progressive policies are being tried at thisp oint which is why we are in the mess we are in.

    17. is this a progressive policy?

      Because it seems to me France will look more like Detroit when all the people with money leave.
      You leave me wondering what progressive policies are out there that would have saved these cities?

    18. Well, we've already established that your perception isn't very reliable. In the old days, they used to behead the rich on the guillotine and they survived. A few spoiled brats threaten to move? Meh. They'll end up running out of places to run to, won't they?

    19. Here's my perception: You sure don't have a problem going after other peoples money, but you sure do whine and cry when they come after yours. That my friend is a double standard.
      "Meh" that seems to be your standard reply when you have run out of good arguments to support your theories. We are seeing it more often.

    20. Well, you are allowed to your opinion. But considering that I've been writing about the corporate rich stealing from workers long before Walker was governor and attacked the public unions, you would also be wrong. But that's not so unusual now, is it?

  4. I am saying is it should be illegal to say your for smaller government and support this law. This is even BIGGER government than the Patriot Act or medicare part D!

    Also you know this act is read yto go in WI. HAd we not pushed back when we did.

  5. Capper, I believe you are missing a huge point about our financial mess. It didn't start with Bush. It started when Bill Clinton deregulated the banking system by dissolving the Glass Steagall Act. That one act alone snowballed into the worst global economic recession in history. Stating Walker attacked the public unions is not a true statement. Everyone who originally voted for him, knew his agenda going into the election. Everyone pushes for change, but once the change they voted for effects their lively hood, they suddenly have a change of heart.

    1. No, Walker didn't run on it and he testified he wasn't running on it. Hence why he called it "the bomb."