Friday, August 3, 2012

A Quick Paul Ryan Rundown

Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) says if its legal it has to be moral....Of course that means as long as your not convicted

No wonder a busload of nuns are following him around saying "DONT LISTEN TO HIM"!

What do the few sane republicans who are in contested races say?   I never heard of Paul Ryan!   

Seems to me that Paul Ryan, the nice guy from Janesville is an Urban Legend

Wine Anyone?

Please Help Rob Zerban replace Pink Slip Paulie in November!    


  1. Anyone besides me question his financial support from foreign countries?

  2. I find it amazing that he can get elected to public office when the Janesville auto plant sits vacant. His policies ruined the Janesville auto plant. His supposedly new/innovative ideas the Republicans/Libertarians have been pushing for years. If his idea of economics makes so much of a big deal, maybe he could instead represent some district in China instead.
    Paul Ryan, go away!