Monday, August 13, 2012

Capper's Recommendations For Primary Tuesday

I can't believe Tuesday is primary day already!

Don't forget to vote, even though this is about the dumbest time to have an election and was only chosen to try to get the least number of voters since low turnouts tend to benefit Republicans more.

And if your interested, by recommendations are:

US Senate: Tammy Baldwin

WI State Senate:

6th District: Nikiya Harris

WI State Assembly:

8th District: JoCasta Zamarripa

10th District: Sandy Pasch:

11th District: Mandela Barnes

20th District: Tanya Lohr

38th District: Scott Michalak

53rd District: Joanne Staudacher

71st District: Laura Hauser-Menting


  1. I'd prefer Ieshuh Griffin for the 10th assembly.

  2. Of course you would, you're a wingnut.

  3. May I add my own endorsements for Janis Ringhand in the new 45th AD and Yuri Rashkin in the 44th.

  4. I'm voting for fitzie for Senate. Let him have some hope and spend more money.