Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney & Ryan: A Bromantic Comedy

Paul Ryan showing his
sensitive side.
Geez, it's getting so that I can't take any time off anymore.

On November 2, 2010, I voted and then took off so I could get the castle ready for winter. While I was gone, the state went ahead and let Scott Walker steal the election.

In September 2011, I again took off for the castle and Cindy Archer's house gets raided by Dane County Sheriff Deputies and FBI agents, kicking off new interest in Walkergate.

This past weekend, I succumb to the fact that my wife and I each had a three day weekend, the weather was perfect and it was my birthday to have a little weekend getaway and look what happens.

Finding himself falling further behind Barack Obama in more states, Mitt Romney panics, forgets to allow his team to do any vetting and announced that his running mate will be none other than Wisconsin's Paul Ryan.

Now when I finally left out on Friday night, I had just got done pointing out how Paul Ryan is tied up in a caucus scandal regarding the gerrymandering done by WISGOP. In fact, one of the last tweets I sent out Friday is how I thought it would be hilarious if Romney picked Ryan to be his running mate. My thinking was that even Romney wasn't that foolish or ignorant.

I stand corrected on that.

We got a call early Saturday morning telling us the news of Romney's pick and that they would be having the formal announcement at 8 am. My first reaction was to smile and blurt out "Good!". My next reaction was to voice my frustration to not having access to the Internet.

Not being able to do anything else, I sat down and watched the show.

I saw them hold their showboating in front of the USS Wisconsin. (What is it with Republicans needing to do their politicking from government property?) I saw the staged cheering and sign-waving.

But when Ryan came down the stairs in his ill-fitting suit, looking like he had tied on a mean hangover the night before and never got out of his clothes, I started chuckling. When Ryan shouted out the "You did build it!" line, I actually burst out laughing.

I mean, what does a guy who only got where he's at because of Social Security benefits and his wealthy families connections get off saying anything about building things on one's own?

After the show, still chuckling, I went about my chores. As I worked, I pondered on why Romney picked his version of Sarah Palin.

Well, like I said, he has been consistently behind Obama in the polls and steadily losing ground. Furthermore, he foolishly wed himself to Ryan's budget plan. On top of that, he was catching a lot of flack from radio squawkers, Koch News Network and other right wing media outlets to take on Ryan, since they knew that there was no way in hell he could defend that bit of foolishness, and needed Ryan to take that on.

In other words, Romney was forced to double down on his losing strategy.

And yes, it's a loser.

Remember, it was just two years ago that any Republican who wanted even a chance to win their respective race was backpedaling from Ryan's plan as fast as they could. Hell, even Ryan admitted it wasn't a winner in the polls.

Heck, even Henry Aaron, the man who came up with the plan which Ryan usurped and claimed at his own, says it won't work and will be more expensive:

In support of that, the Institute for Wisconsin's Future crunched the numbers and reported on just how devastating the Ryan plan would be be for our state. It's as if Ryan is trying to make Scott Walker look like a piker.

Also keep in mind that this budding bromance between Romney and Ryan has been going on for a while. Even the Democrats couldn't fail to see it and appropriately paid tribute to it:

And Romney's and Ryan's bromance seems like it was a match made in hell Republican/Teahadist heaven.

Romney likes to fire people. Ryan likes to screw over the young and old equally.

They also have in common their love of elitist ways, ranging from having trophy polar bears shipped in to the country to a delicate taste for very fine and very expensive wine.

And just like the way Romney likes to cook the books, hide his taxes and cover up his actions at Bain, not to mention when he was there, Ryan also likes to slide himself some favors as well, like giving himself and his family all sorts of luxurious tax breaks.

But what would any bromantic comedy be without a little tension?

The lovely couple supplied that tonight when they had their "super big" rally in Walkersha County late Sunday afternoon. I found it rather interesting that Ryan, who's never even ran in a statewide race, much less a national one, wouldn't want to bring his bromantic interest to his hometown of Janesville. You know, the place that has lost more jobs than anywhere else in Wisconsin and for which Ryan has nothing to help its people.

Is it that Ryan is ashamed of his hometown and doesn't want Romney to see it? Or is it that Ryan is embarrassed by Romney and doesn't want the folks at home to see his bromantic interest?

ADDENDUM: Are they really calling themselves "The Comeback Team?"  That makes me think about two bullies going from playground to playground and saying things like "Am not!" and "Are so!" or the famous, "Oh yeah?!"

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