Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Market Healthcare!

paul ryan(R-Wall St.)  must be proud of this story! 

Wells fargo "allegedly" fired an employee days before his daughter was set for expensive cancer surgery

Wells Fargo allegedly fired an employee because his dying daughter needed expensive cancer treatment, according to a lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County Court on Thursday.

Wells Fargo fired mortgage consultant Yovany Gonzalez three days before his daughter Mackenzie was scheduled to get cancer surgery in August of 2010, the lawsuit states. According to the suit, the hospital canceled the surgery because Mackenzie no longer was covered by health insurance. She died of cancer in March of 2011.

So he was fired, he had access to COBRA right?  Not so much:

The lawsuit details that Wells Fargo also did not give Gonzalez information about how to continue his family's life insurance coverage -- information he was promised after he was fired, leading to the expiration of his plan. The coverage included life insurance on the lives of his children, according to the lawsuit. As a result, Gonzalez's life insurance policy expired before Mackenzie died, and Gonzalez was not able to receive life insurance compensation for Mackenzie's death.

While you are entitled to extend your employer health insurance coverage under the COBRA law if you lose your job, as long as you pay the full premium, it took more than 90 days for Wells Fargo to send Gonzalez information about how to extend his health insurance policy under COBRA, said paralegal Walter Stein, who is helping represent Gonzalez.
 Let's not blame Wells Fargo though, they were a little cash poor.  They ONLY received $25 BILLION in the government bail out of Wall St. which means they were only able to give just over of $11,000,000 in campaign contributions.   

They must be taxed to death though right???  They paid a WHOPPING -1% in taxes  from 2008- 2010. 

If they cut Yovani Gonzalez just before his daughter needed surgery, I am sure that everyone had to tight their belts right to help make this bailed out company whole again?

Executive compensation also increased by 180%, from $17,813,435 in 2008 to $49,834,68 in 2010. 

 John Stumpf, Chief Executive officer and President, $11,755,472 (also exercised $4,679,426 in options)! 
What do you expect?  they only made $49.37 billion in US profits in that time frame! 


Mackenzie Gonzalez can know she gave her life to advance the free  market and the profits of a major corporation because as we know


"Corporations are people my friend"


  1. This is why we need national health care for everyone. Tying health insurance to a job is a terrible idea. It is also a bad idea to let a for-profit organization decide who lives and who dies based on cost.

    1. By your own damn healthcare you freeloading hippies!

  2. I agree, if this is true it is dis-heartening. And I can see why many don't want their health care decisions made by their employer.
    But your answer is to give all the power to government? You do realize that half the time the people making those decisions will be the party that doesn't think you deserve the right to bargain collectively?
    Maybe I would feel better about that if I could think of one service or social program that was managed well by government.
    This is the same government that cant seem to live within its means, right?

    1. granted government is only as good as the people we put into it, but in terms of a service that was managed well, all of them compared to the private sector.

      medicare runs on a 2-3% overhead while private insurance runs on about a30% do the math

    2. Medicare will be broke in a decade. Hows that for management? The only difference in your overhead numbers is that Medicare spreads its costs over millions of recipients. The 30% number you cite is based on a single client policy. If you look at large pools of insured people the numbers are much closer.

    3. You know, IMBR is the most sane commenter on this blog.

      All you liberals are just whiny little bitches that can't deal with the fact that people get sick and die.

      Kids die all the time, why should anyone care? Just because they're younger than an old person.

      Imustberacist is a true patriot and is one of the most brave posters to contradict this liberal nigger fairy blog.

      I'm happy that my interest rate at Wells Fargo will keep making my accounts money instead of having to pay for some strange peoples problems.

      It's life, deal with it.

    4. Actually, I look at my 6 year old son and think how devastating it would be to watch him go through a terminal disease like cancer.
      But what I don't do is look at you and think your to greedy to pay for my responsibilities. If this guy truly was fired for reasons of greed, he will be re-imbursed for his additional worries. It won't save his child, but the story didn't say his child died due to lack of treatment.
      And yes, I would give everything I have to try to save him, But I wouldn't look at society like it owes me something.
      My friend turned 85 today. He learned two months ago he is cancer free. Would it have been less of a tragedy if the government told him the return on the investment for his treatment wasn't enough to justify his chemo?

    5. Anon 12:44 gets it, it's winner take all in life. The kids that are strong eventually grow up to be strong leaders like our glorious Governor Walker. Walker is leading us into prosperity and I hope that he steps up and takes over the oval office after Mitt Romney starts the path to freeing our nation of its medical debt. All these sick kids ever do is overburden the system it is better to just let them go and it is sad but it not your problem. YOU DIDNT CAUSE that persons sickness and YOU SHOULDNT BE FORCED BY GOVERNMENT TO CARE least of all pay for it! we need to put our money into ldefending our nation against muslem extremists so our strong kids can grow up into strong men like Governor Scott Walker

    6. It would seem you have all the answers in front of you. Take everything you have, give it to Obama, and he will make sure life is fair. Then you can sleep at night, knowing you have done all you can.
      Wait, I forgot, on this site we solve problems with other peoples money, not our own. Dam, now all we can do is try to portray them as selfish and greedy and hope we get our way.

    7. I may have come to a moment of clarity. After reading about Mark Clayton in Tennessee I have realized that the democratic party has been taken over by the non religious. It makes sense, because when you don't believe in a higher power the only thing you have left to believe in is a government that takes the role of watching over society. Big government becomes your god. The theory is consistent with blaming global warming on man, the outrage over chick fil-a, and the rush to discredit Paul Ryan by associating him to Ayn Rand. It explains the hate for Walkers religious upbringing.
      So...when you all get out of church this morning, tell me I'm wrong.

    8. iw as going to respond but since it makes no sense i dont know how too

    9. Walker was sent by God to save us! The red car poster knows this and I am glad this righteous poster is here to tell all you heathen this!

      Liberal kids get sick because they have begotten their God and their parents have forsaken the mark above their doors! The angel of death passed those doors who have the mark, but those who forsake their duty, those who do not wear the U.S. flag pin and give praise for the nation of Christians, will never have good health!!

      Those in wheel chairs, those with mental disabilities are punished because of their liberal parents, and yet these liberal commie pinkos somehow think those who obey the lord should somehow have to help them out in their situations and I say no!

      Walker will save us all!!1! He thwarted the liberal socialist coup recall and he will lead us with his victory centers so join and repent or be forever left to wallow in the liberal filth of swine!!


    10. yeah, I'm the crazy one here right?

    11. Obama would just spend it all on the gay black people in chicago and milwaukee and then ship the rest of the money overseas to the moslems so they can kill more troops with his fast and furious ponzee scheme running illegal weapons of mass destrucshun. but thatz what you get with a moslems in the white house they just take all the money and spread the wealth like they owns it it all. Stupid libs have had their day now that john ryan is romneys running mate. imustberacist is definitely not the crazy one here!

    12. Thanks for the adult conversation. I would like to get to know anonymous so I can verify you fit my assumptions of you. With people like you voting, I can see we can expect no real solutions from your party.
      Assuming I am not to far off base Jeff, since I left you speechless.

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