Friday, August 10, 2012

Isn't It Ironic....

Don't Ya Think?....a little too ironic...

The "Tea Party Express" hate group led by Amy Kremer, is back!!  This time, these out of state agitators are endorsing Mark Neumann for the Wisconsin Senate Seat! 

“The Tea Party is united behind Mark Neumann because he is the proven conservative in the race,” said Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer in a statement. “Mark earned the support of the Tea Party Express, and Tea Party members from every corner of Wisconsin, because he is the only one with a plan that cuts spending, balances the budget and repeals ObamaCare. He understands that we must get back to Constitutional principles in Washington. And, he is the one we can trust to stand up to Barack Obama.”
 Of course that is utterly ridiculous, but so is this....the Wisconsin "tea party" he one funded and founded by the Koch Brothers, with the vermin tim phillips at the head nationally, did not agree.   See The billionaires, want the multi-millionaire Eric Hovde to be Wisconsin's next Senator.  So they sent this letter to whoever seemed to care:

See the Out of State "tea party" wants a Wisconsin Candidate to be the next Wisconsin Senator, but the local "leaderless" "tea party" sent by paid state "leaders" wants the out of state people to stay out of our race so they can support the out of state candidate, Eric Hovde.     

It is amazing they coined the term for election season "the silly season" before the "tea party" came into existence!

By the way, isn't Jeff Fitzgerald running for Senate???  


  1. All these TEA Party groups are factions of the GOP, right?

    1. I thought the GOP was a faction of the Tea Party...

  2. NOpe completely independent grass roots everyday people....just ask them!

  3. They were staying where I work ... getting pretty loud and loaded at the bar. Two fellows compared Earth's rising temps to conditions on Mars and Venus. Then mused out loud why the elitists did not take take them seriously.

    I think they answered their own question.

  4. 'completely indpendent grass roots everyday people'
    ... who never question who's paying for the shiny bus that shows up to cart them to carefully-orchestrated events.

  5. Wall Street had a financial meltdown circa 2008. Bush bailed out the banks.
    Later, their was a stimulous bill, in reponse to the Bush bailout. It was at that point all this talk about the national debt came out.
    The Tea Party, those true red Patriots, appeared
    out of nowhere, a big media story.
    The Tea Party tries to pass itself off as a grassroots movement, but nothing could be further from the truth.
    Tea Partiers are essentially libertarians--Ron Paul-like.
    Libertarians politically fight for libertarian economics (Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, etc.--privatization and deregulation).
    Don't confuse things, things evolve historically.
    For instance, Mark Neumann's ads saying he's a Tea Party guy. He's backed by Club For Growth, an outfit formed by Stephen Moore, an alter boy to Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey when thay made the Contract With America.
    Dick Armey, the economics expert, is now big thinker with Tea Party outfits connected with Koch brothers money.
    Koch brothers money was connected back in the 1990s to Dick's Army of libertarian think-alikes.